New Album – 3 September 2012

Martin Prahl´s Skelter Wheel will release its new self-titled album on September 3. The first single “Five Minutes Of Fame” points out the direction and will be launched August 1 on the new official homepage. The music still circuits around the melancholic melodies that you could hear on last year’s critically acclaimed solo debut “Through The Dark”, but the tempo is higher and the sound is less polished. “It feels like we’ve taken everything a few steps further and we certainly don’t hide the fact that we love 70’s rock”.

Prahl explains further, “This is no background music; it’s a wayward blend between Kiss and Fleetwood Mac that needs to be played on high volume.
Many musicians with different influences come together on the album. The drummer Martin Hjertstedt (PG Lost, Jeudah, etc), the guitarist Andreas Wulkan (Death Ray Boot), and the singer Cecilia Salazar (which among other things, collaborated with Mikael Wiehe) were all highly involved in creating and shaping the music that ended up on the record. The record was mixed by Jens Bogren & Johan Örnborg at Fascination Street Studio (Opeth, Paradise Lost, etc).