Tour Dates

We are very proud to present the first four gigs of this year! We start with a gig in Kristianstad May 8 at the classic rock place Biljardkompaniet. Continues with a show at Öresundsfestivalen 10 May.

It is a Danish / Swedish festival that strives to present the best music from both sides of Öresund. Our gig takes place at the rock club KB (Malmö) where also (among others) Kashmir, one of Denmark’s biggest and most acclaimed bands ever  will perform the same evening. As you may already know, we play at Sweden Rock Festival on Friday, June 7. And the following week (June 15) we perform at a very cool festival named Mossagårdsfestivalen (outside Lund).

A number of other festivals both in Sweden and abroad are also scheduled and we will make them official within a couple of weeks.