Beautiful Days & Downton Abbey

Summer is over and it is time to once again focus on the new album. The past few weeks have been amazing, hectic and have included three completely different gigs. Our trip to the UK was very successful. The festival was extremely nice, the atmosphere was very relaxed and we got to experience many great concerts of bands that we have not previously seen or met.

Our gig went great and the crowd seemed to really appreciate our performance. I really hope to one day return to this lovely festival. Here’s a live clip from our gig: MPSW@BeautifulDays

Last week I received a request to perform solo as the opening act for a sold out concert with “Sadie & the Hotheads” at the Victoriateatern in Malmö. Having Googled their band name, I realized that this was the movie star Elizabeth McGovern’s (Cora in Downton Abbey) project. After a moment’s hesitation, I decided to say yes. I will not deny that I was nervous about performing completely solo (first time I’m doing this for an entire gig).

The concert went very well, the seated audience and the situation was quite different from what I’m used to but I really enjoyed the experience.  I do not think it’s the last time I perform acoustic solo or with a band consisting of fewer musicians.

Elisabeth and her band mates were a nice bunch who really seemed to enjoy both the evening and my music. Closer than our chitchat after the show, I will probably never get to the film industry in Hollywood!