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Heading For A Fall

I’ve posted the opening track Heading For A Fall on youtube and the reception has been nothing but amazing . It’s one of my absolute favorites and we will soon make a real music video for it..

Another nice review has been published (they gave it 4 of 5). The reviewer wrote  “with the combination of well-written and thoughtful lyrics and a very strong voice, we get an artist who in my opinion has very few superiors in its genre”.

fantastic reviews

Sometimes you get extra proud and happy. River Ocean Wide was reviewed in the largest Nordic music magazine Sweden Rock Magazine (#9, 2014) and they gave it 8 out of 10. The reviewer wrote, among other things, “You can not help but be touched deeply, the music is so full of emotion and melancholy that makes you teary-eyed”. One of the country’s leading cultural journalists Mats Olsson (Express) have also highlighted the album, which he describes as organic root-filled rock music, in one of his chronicles.

Beautiful Days & Downton Abbey

Summer is over and it is time to once again focus on the new album. The past few weeks have been amazing, hectic and have included three completely different gigs. Our trip to the UK was very successful. The festival was extremely nice, the atmosphere was very relaxed and we got to experience many great concerts of bands that we have not previously seen or met.

Our gig went great and the crowd seemed to really appreciate our performance. I really hope to one day return to this lovely festival. Here’s a live clip from our gig: MPSW@BeautifulDays

Last week I received a request to perform solo as the opening act for a sold out concert with “Sadie & the Hotheads” at the Victoriateatern in Malmö. Having Googled their band name, I realized that this was the movie star Elizabeth McGovern’s (Cora in Downton Abbey) project. After a moment’s hesitation, I decided to say yes. I will not deny that I (more…)

Österlen & UK

Now it only remains two more shows before it’s time to once again return to the studio where we will continue to work on the upcoming album. We’ve had a lovely summer and one of the highlights was definitely SommarRock in Svedala. You’ll find a very nice review here!

Next week we perform on Maglehemsfestivalen and two weeks later we end the summer tour with a gig in England at the already sold-out (15,000 people) Beautiful Days festival. We will perform on the second biggest stage just after The Levellers (who also arranges the festival) have performed an unplugged gig. We really look forward to  face (for the first time) a non-Nordic audience!

Don’t forget to check out our facebook page where you find lots of cool photos, videos and other stuff!

Tour Dates

We are very proud to present the first four gigs of this year! We start with a gig in Kristianstad May 8 at the classic rock place Biljardkompaniet. Continues with a show at Öresundsfestivalen 10 May.

It is a Danish / Swedish festival that strives to present the best music from both sides of Öresund. Our gig takes place at the rock club KB (Malmö) where also (among others) Kashmir, one of Denmark’s biggest and most acclaimed bands ever  will perform the same evening. As you may already know, we play at Sweden Rock Festival on Friday, June 7. And the following week (June 15) we perform at a very cool festival named Mossagårdsfestivalen (outside Lund).

A number of other festivals both in Sweden and abroad are also scheduled and we will make them official within a couple of weeks.

Long Time No See

It’s been a while since I last updated this page but that does not mean we’ve been on the couch all winter. We’ve been busy as usual. We have started to work on our upcoming album which will be released sometime in 2014. We have  started to record a couple of the songs and all I can say is that it sounds fantastic.

Within a few days we will announce our summer tour and in the meantime you can watch this short home video from our tour with the Levellers (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z19JlXHAkSw) and another cool live video from Sticky Fingers (Gothenburg) that someone put up on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLaueg85rqE).