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New Album – No retreat

A trailer from the forthcoming album “No Retreat” is now online:


1. I Want More
2. In The Name Of God
3. Adrenaline
4. Laughing At The Fool
5. Into The Corner
6. Count On Me
7. Hopeless Case
8. The Start Of Something Beautiful
9. A New Beginning
10. The Perfect Lie

Summer moved on

During this summer we’ve played two awesome festival gigs. In the middle of July we performed in a packed tent in front of around 1500 spectators at SommarRock (Svedala). It was one of the best and most fun gigs we’ve ever had. A month later we hit the stage at MalmöFestivalen for the first time. This time the band consisted of two musicians who haven’t played with us for many years, Christian Tellin on bass and Martin Hjertstedt on drums (Who has been a member of Ghost BC and has been touring around the world the last couple of years). It was great to have them back for this special show at RockStage.

Me and Johan Örnborg (Facination Street) is  still working on the new record which hopefully will be released in late 2017. A new single will be released within a few weeks so keep your eyes and ears open..

In The Name Of God

Today it’s the premiere for “In The Name Of God” the first single from the upcoming album. You find the song here on Hymn, a swedish music website.  “Organized religion scares me and the anger I often feel towards it made me write this song. It’s no typical first single as it requires its listenings, but it’s a song I am very proud of and that I really yearn to perform live”. Recorded & mixed by Johan Örnborg at Fascination Street. Mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street.

In The Name Of God is released on all digital platforms in the next week.

Martin Prahl: Vocals, Mandolin & Guitars
Johan Örnborg: Drums, Percussion & Bass
Cecilia Salazar: Backing Vocals

In The Name Of God

Artwork by Magnus Jönsson.

Supporting New Model Army in Sweden!

We will be supporting New Model Army in Malmö and Gothenburg in Mars! One of my all time favorite bands, it’s such an honour!!!

Thank you very much!

Me and my band would like to thank everyone who came to Babel (Malmö) and made the release party a very special evening. The album is now available online at Spotify and Itunes, although we  hope that you also buy the real disc:)

The album has continued to receive rave reviews!  Aftonbladet writes”River Ocean Wide” consists of strong and unpretentious rock that doesn’t give a damn about trends”.  The record is rated 9 out of 10 in the blog “Music and Festival Reviews“, the reviewer states “This is not just good, it’s damn bloody great!

Back in reality

After a couple of days in “The Levellers world” we are now back in reality. The tour was successful and we will never forget the gig in Malmö. It was truly a pure joy to play in a well crowded KB. One of our best shows ever! A big thanks to The Levellers and their crew for a lovely week.

River Ocean Wide has continued to receive very good reviews. Rocknytt wrote “This is the album that should give Martin Prahl and his Skelter Wheel the attention he and they really deserve. I am mesmerized”. (9 out of 10)

In recent weeks, many new interviews have been published. You find a couple of them here (in Swedish): Skånska DagbladetDrevetRocknyttRockfoto.

Heading For A Fall

I’ve posted the opening track Heading For A Fall on youtube and the reception has been nothing but amazing . It’s one of my absolute favorites and we will soon make a real music video for it..

Another nice review has been published (they gave it 4 of 5). The reviewer wrote  “with the combination of well-written and thoughtful lyrics and a very strong voice, we get an artist who in my opinion has very few superiors in its genre”.

fantastic reviews

Sometimes you get extra proud and happy. River Ocean Wide was reviewed in the largest Nordic music magazine Sweden Rock Magazine (#9, 2014) and they gave it 8 out of 10. The reviewer wrote, among other things, “You can not help but be touched deeply, the music is so full of emotion and melancholy that makes you teary-eyed”. One of the country’s leading cultural journalists Mats Olsson (Express) have also highlighted the album, which he describes as organic root-filled rock music, in one of his chronicles.

Title track online

With about a month left until the tour with The Levellers, The release party at Babel (Malmö) and the new album release, you can now listen to or download the title track “River Ocean Wide” feat. Jon Sevink from The Levellers. You can find it in the right column under “Listen/Download”or via this link (lyric video)

Over the next few weeks leading up to the release and the gigs you will be able to hear a couple of new songs with different styles, but you can already listen to the teaser: Me and my band hope to see you soon! Don’t forget to spread the word and share the links with your friends. // Martin

River Ocean Wide – New Album

The new album “River Ocean Wide” will be released on November 12. It was mixed by Emil Isaksson (Studio Möllan) and mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studio. I am extremely proud over the result, and it definitely feels like my best album so far. It’s filled with wayward and timeless rock music, like a mixture between my two previous albums.

The drums were laid down by Tomas Erlandsson, Christian Tellin handled the bass on most tracks and Cecilia Salazar did the backing vocals. Jannike Stenlund (Violin) and Magdalena Prahl Broström (Piano) embellished the album on two songs each.They all did an amazing job!

There are many guest appearances on the record. Jon Sevink (The Levellers), Chris Amott (ex. Arch Enemy), Anna Linnéa Edström (The Bandettes),  Jerry Sahlin (A.C.T), Carolina Sandgren (Göteborgsoperan),  Tomas Pettersson (Dan Hylander) & Peter Huss (Shining) just to name a few. Keep your eyes and ears open, very soon there will be some teasers available!

Supporting The Levellers

Me and my band look with pride and joy forward to another mini-tour with folk-rock legends The Levellers. Do not miss this chance to see us, and one of my all-time favorite bands. Can’t wait to meet the band and their amazing audience once again!

You catch us at the following locations: Vega (Copenhagen), November 4, Sticky Fingers (Gothenburg) November 5, Debaser (Stockholm) 6 November, KB (Malmö) 7 November

Album #3 Update

The work with album No. 3 is progressing steadily. The idea is that it should be completed in the spring and be released in the fall. So far we have recorded all the drums, almost all guitars, and bass guitar on all but four songs. I have also recorded lead vocals on three songs.

It’s very inspiring to record every instrument in a real studio, on my previous albums I’ve recorded half of the instruments in my own “studio”. I think you will hear the difference on the result. Emil Isaksson who runs the studio (StudioMöllan) will also be mixing this album.

The music sounds like a mix between my previous albums but it feels like I have taken a big step with this album and I really long for the day when you guys can hear the results. Hopefully I can post some “teasers” within a couple of weeks.

Take care/ Martin

Beautiful Days & Downton Abbey

Summer is over and it is time to once again focus on the new album. The past few weeks have been amazing, hectic and have included three completely different gigs. Our trip to the UK was very successful. The festival was extremely nice, the atmosphere was very relaxed and we got to experience many great concerts of bands that we have not previously seen or met.

Our gig went great and the crowd seemed to really appreciate our performance. I really hope to one day return to this lovely festival. Here’s a live clip from our gig: MPSW@BeautifulDays

Last week I received a request to perform solo as the opening act for a sold out concert with “Sadie & the Hotheads” at the Victoriateatern in Malmö. Having Googled their band name, I realized that this was the movie star Elizabeth McGovern’s (Cora in Downton Abbey) project. After a moment’s hesitation, I decided to say yes. I will not deny that I (more…)

Österlen & UK

Now it only remains two more shows before it’s time to once again return to the studio where we will continue to work on the upcoming album. We’ve had a lovely summer and one of the highlights was definitely SommarRock in Svedala. You’ll find a very nice review here!

Next week we perform on Maglehemsfestivalen and two weeks later we end the summer tour with a gig in England at the already sold-out (15,000 people) Beautiful Days festival. We will perform on the second biggest stage just after The Levellers (who also arranges the festival) have performed an unplugged gig. We really look forward to  face (for the first time) a non-Nordic audience!

Don’t forget to check out our facebook page where you find lots of cool photos, videos and other stuff!

Thank you and welcome

We send a big hug and a very big “Thank You” to all the people who showed up on Sweden Rock Festival. You were absolutely fantastic and you made a dream come true for (some of) us! And for those of you who didn’t show’s a video with us performing the song “Through The Dark”. This saturday we will enter the stage at the beautiful Mossagårdsfestivalen, so if you’re in the area you better be there. We can promise you something special! Lots of love// Martin

More Is More

On the road again.. Many thanks to everyone in Kristianstad and Malmö who came and made those nights memorable. Many thanks also to Johan Malmberg who joined us with his banjo at Öresundsfestivalen (KB, Malmö). Now it’s time for us to go back to our cave and practise before our eight-man armada visits Sweden Rock Festival. Our “extra” powerful lineup (for this gig and for our gig at SommarRock) looks like this: Tomas Erlandsson – drums, Christian Tellin – bass, Magdalena Prahl – keyboards, Andreas Wulkan – Guitar, Erik Martinssons – Guitars, Cecilia Salazar – vocals, Jannike Stenlund – electric violin.

Check out lots of pictures from the last two nights on
Spread the word!!
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Tour Dates

We are very proud to present the first four gigs of this year! We start with a gig in Kristianstad May 8 at the classic rock place Biljardkompaniet. Continues with a show at Öresundsfestivalen 10 May.

It is a Danish / Swedish festival that strives to present the best music from both sides of Öresund. Our gig takes place at the rock club KB (Malmö) where also (among others) Kashmir, one of Denmark’s biggest and most acclaimed bands ever  will perform the same evening. As you may already know, we play at Sweden Rock Festival on Friday, June 7. And the following week (June 15) we perform at a very cool festival named Mossagårdsfestivalen (outside Lund).

A number of other festivals both in Sweden and abroad are also scheduled and we will make them official within a couple of weeks.

Long Time No See

It’s been a while since I last updated this page but that does not mean we’ve been on the couch all winter. We’ve been busy as usual. We have started to work on our upcoming album which will be released sometime in 2014. We have  started to record a couple of the songs and all I can say is that it sounds fantastic.

Within a few days we will announce our summer tour and in the meantime you can watch this short home video from our tour with the Levellers ( and another cool live video from Sticky Fingers (Gothenburg) that someone put up on youtube (


Sweden Rock Festival 2013

It´s now official. We will perform at Sweden Rock Festival 2013. One of the biggest rock festivals in the world, with Kiss and Rush as headliners!!


even better reviews (SE,NO)

First five star review!!

..although it’s in norwegian and on a six-point scale.. Still a rave review! The reception of the new album has been absolutely fantastic. Check out the latest reviews (Swedish and Norwegian). (more…)

Swedish Reviews (SE)

De positiva recensionerna fortsätter trilla in!!

“Debuten var vad man brukar kalla lovande, men med “Skelter wheel” tar Martin Prahl sin musik ytterligare några steg i en förfinad genre som inte görs så ofta längre: Melodiös, hård rock”. Mats Olsson (Expressen)

“Det rör sig om starkt 70-talsinfluerad rock men stundtals känns det bara tidlöst bra. I centrum står starka riff och enkla melodier som påminner om allt från Kiss till Fleetwood Mac”. (Hallandsposten)

“Prahls röst är som klippt och skuren för det här stuket. Han sjunger med känsla, väldigt mycket känsla rent av”. (Joyzine) (more…)

New album released

Finaly the new album is released! The reception has been amazing and so far the reviews have all been very positive. The gig at Babel went extremely well and the fantastic crowd (about 350) made this a very special night for us. (more…)

New Album – 3 September 2012

Martin Prahl´s Skelter Wheel will release its new self-titled album on September 3. The first single “Five Minutes Of Fame” points out the direction and will be launched August 1 on the new official homepage. The music still circuits around the melancholic melodies that you could hear on last year’s critically acclaimed solo debut “Through The Dark”, but the tempo is higher and the sound is less polished. “It feels like we’ve taken everything a few steps further and we certainly don’t hide the fact that we love 70’s rock”. (more…)